7 best books for 7 year olds children to make their future bright

Small kids are the future of any society or country. It is very important to take care of the things that what...

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books for 7 year olds kid

Small kids are the future of any society or country. It is very important to take care of the things that what they are doing in their small age. The things that a 6 to 7 year olds children will learn, it will help in the growth of his whole life. There is a principle called as GIGO principle. 

Let’s take a look that what is GIGO principle?

GIGO means “Garbage In, Garbage Out” and “Good In, Good Out”.

Now, let me tell you the connection of GIGO principle with 7 year olds children. So, it is very important to check that what is going in, in the mind of the a small child, because it will decide his upcoming future. If the small kids will put good things in his mind then it will form is good future. On the other hand, if he will put garbage or useless things in his mind then it will form a useless future for him and he will suffer a  lot. So, its quiet necessary to add good things in the life of small kids. These goods things can be in the form of good content, mind-striking sports, books, etc. But the most important thing among all those is book because first of all it has no side effects as of screen and it will increase his knowledge as well as mind and intelligence.

So, in this blog, we will see those 9 books that is healthy for a 7 year olds or small kids.

1. Katie Fry, Private Eye: Lost Kitten

katie fry

This book is totally designed for the children of level 2. A 7 year old boy is compatible for reading this book. If a children is not comfortable with the chapter books then this book is a very good option for him. This is a phonic reader book which can make the reading of a 7 year olds more adventures. In this book the the Katie solves all sorts of crimes in her neighbor.

This book is designed in such a manner that a 7 year olds  can easily understand and  create interest into books. It’s also quite adventurous book because it have problem solving type of things so it will engage the child into the story, into the book and it will also improve the thinking power of the children. 

2. Just Joking – National Geographic Kids

just joking

It is a must read book by National Geographic. A child must have to go through it once. It is a book that contains the collection of joke by National Geographic. This book is really special and it’s quite interesting because it is a compact and great for taking on a road trips. This book is as much as interesting that for a person who feel bored while reading he can also so go through this video with a great enthusiasm. It will fill you with great fun. It is written in such great way that a small kid or a 7 year olds can easily understand it.

3. Where the sidewalk ends

where the sidewalks end

“Where the sidewalk ends”, this book is full of poetries and drawings. Every small kid must be introduced with poetry in his early stages. This book is one of the most famous books and it was widely popular for over the decades. It has so many variety of illustrations or drawings which makes it more and more interesting. The author uses a very good humorous hymes so that his audience laugh. Not only childrens but if adult will read this book then he can also laugh. The title itself told that it is a funny poetry and the way the author introduce the poems can make sure that no one could get bored of it.

4. Dog Man

The dog man series is a very popular series among the boys who belongs to second grade. This series is written by the author of Captain Underpants. he is a very interesting writer who is expert in catching the Reader’s attention by his witty humour.

As this is a comic strip, so it is also quite interesting. The kid or boy who will read this comic will get a new insight and will learn a lot.

5. How things work inside out

how things work
“How things work” is a non fiction book which is very important for kids and especially for those kids who are learning and as they are getting older. This book is from National Geographic. This book contains lots of informative knowledge which is very necessary for adding into the book shelf of a 7 year olds student. This book specifically develops intelligence in the mind of a 7 year olds kid that how things work. This book focuses on the details and give the detailed information of every little thing. Moreover this book is is simple to read and very easy to understand. Thatswhy it’s important to add this book in the book shelf of a 7 year old kid. This will help in  improving their knowledge.

6. Ivy and Bean

Ivy and Bean is a great book. The story in this book gives a lesson to all the kids to never judge a book by its cover. This book inspires everyone to give a chance at friendship. In this story, it is shown that how a duo who unlikely soon become a companion in this story. The Ivy and bean do not like each other from the starting but Bean played a joke on her sister and he needed to hide and then he came for the rescue and after that they become friends. So a 7 year old kid can get a lot of moral values from this book that what is the role of friendship and how we can’t judge anything based on its cover. So this is a lovely book and a child must ends up with loving  because of its interesting story.

7. The Night Fairy

the night fairy

This book is basically designed for reading on the bed time reading is very beneficial to help calm down our mind and bring a balance between our by our mind and body it is quite important to find out those activities which are 7 year old child can enjoy at bedtime it will relax and encourage the child to be more productive and grow faster

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