About Us

The Story Behind Readoholic

Hey, welcome to our super special book reader’s hub. And yes you are very special person because you are a book enthusiast.


Let me introduce the what is Readoholic and why is readoholic to you peoples!

This blog is started in 2021 by the readers and for the readers. We have seen lots of peoples who are so much confused in selecting the books. Some have other problems like they are not getting peoples whom with they can read book and many more.

So we have decided to make a place where the people who want to read and want get information about the book can come and be satisfied!

“Today a Reader, tommorow a Leader”

Most of peoples who are reading this page right now must have listen about the quote mentioned above. Believe me this quote is 100% right. There are lots of successful around the globe who always recommend the hustler’s to read awesome books. You guys are lucky because because you investing your time in reading books.

This website is started by two book enthusiasts who have realized a visible change in their life after getting the habit if reading book.

Meet us

Let us introduce ourselves in brief.

Anoop Pandey

My name is Anoop Pandey, a boy with pocket full of dreams and one who always love to help others. There was a time in my life when I was going through low in my then I got a book i.e Bhagwat gita and then everything changed in my life. After that I read lots of books and while reading books the challenges that I have faced is being solved for you peoples in this website.


Shivansh Srivastava

I am Shivansh Srivastava, having a vision of doing something great. I am a college student and have a passion to do something great. I have a interest in reading book. So I decided to take this passion on a new level. Thats why I started this Blog. I am working with a vision of bringing this whole book reading community or you can say readoholic people together.