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5 Lessons I learned from “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill | Readoholic

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was written in the year 1937 after 25 years of extensive Hardwork. Napoleon Hill has...

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Think and grow Rich
Think and Grow Rich | Napoleon Hill
Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was written in the year 1937 after 25 years of extensive Hardwork. Napoleon Hill has done a lot of research before writting this book. He has followed and interviewed all the Rich individual at that time and summarize them in a single Book called Think and grow Rich. According to a recent estimate more than 100 million copies are sold of this book and this book is still the best seller in the Self help category.

There are some of the concept in this book which takes lot of time to understand and follow them in your life. I have already reviewed and read this book and from that I can say that the Idea of Think and Grow Rich is centralized ” A person can achieve anything with the power of imagination and visualization. “ related to this Napoleon Hill has already given a Quote –

Whatever the Mind of a man can Concieve and believe , It can achieve.

Napoleon Hill

Below I am going to discuss some of the lessons which i have learned from think and Grow rich.

1. Thoughts can do wonders in your life

As I mentioned earlier that this book’s whole Idea is centralized around the thought , imagination and visualization. As Napoleon hill says in the earlier part of the book that if a person thinks that ‘ he/she can achieve this thing’ then that person is already one step ahead from other people. Hill is always mentioning in this book that with the help of proper thinking a person can achieve its goal. But By ‘Thinking’ means not only thinking in the mind but also co-ordinate thinking with Hardwork , faith and willingness. If we are think about our goal with faith and willingness and we are doing the necessary hardwork then the wonders will sure happen.

Do not think that Think and grow rich is a magic , if you finish this you can achieve anything. This book just shows us the path towards success and that is Hardwork. If you are willing to do the necessary hardwork you will definitely achieve the goal.

So, If I summarize this topic then I can say the very first point that i learned from Think and Grow rich is that the Thinking (Training your mind for the upcoming success) with proper hardwork and faith will take you whereever you want to be in your life.

2. Desire

Desire shows how bad we want that thing in our life. For achieving any Goal in the life you must have Desire to achieve it. Desire works as a fuel in the vehicle of your success. Desire motivates us to do the hardwork to achieve our Aim.

A winner must have two thing one its Goal and Other Burning desire to achieve it.

Desire is one of the most important thing to move toward your success. Behind every Great inventions there is Burning Desire of the inventors to achieve that goal. Whether it was the Aeroplane, Cars, bulb etc. All the inventors have a burning Desire to achieve their Goal.

If I summarize this Point then this point simply means that without Desire your Goals are worthless. You can cannot achieve your Goal without the Desire to achieve it.

3. Faith

Having Faith in your Dreams is the must thing. If you do not have faith in yourself or in your dreams. Then how will you achieve it. The motivation will be nill. Faith not only helps to achieve your goal but also motivates you towards the greatest path of the success. Faith is the key to achieve things in your life. Lets take an example that if a patient goes to the Doctor and he has no faith in the doctor then no medicine in the world can cure him. And the Person who has faith in the doctor and himself then the most serious disease can be cured with in a few month. That is the power of the Faith.

If I summarize this point then the Faith is the key to achieve your success. Without the medicine does not work how can you think that you will achieve your Goal without the Faith. So have faith in your Dreams and yourself and you will achieve everything that you want in your life.

4. Knowledge

Napoleon Hill discuss about two type of knowledge in Think and Grow rich. First one is General knowledge and other one is Specialized knowledge.

General knowledge is the knowledge that most of the people have. General knowledge can only make you some money but not can not make you rich. If you really want to succeed in your field you must have specialized in your field. I am not saying that first gather specialized knowledge then start. You must start first because the specialized knowledge will automatically be gathered over the period of the time. Never stop your learning. Be a student for the entire life.

If I summarize this point then to succeed in your field you must have a knowledge and the attitude of learning.

5. Subconscious Mind

Subconscious mind is the best thing that a human have. If a person understands how to use it properly then he can do wonders in his life. Subconscious mind is the baby it will become what you will teach him. And ultimately subconscious mind mind will shape your life. Subconscious mind is the greatest treasure that a human being have.

We all have heard about “As you Sow, so shall you Reap” in the similar way what we Sow in our subconscious mind the same thing we will Reap in our life.

If i summarize this point then subconscious mind is the best treasure. Fill it with possitive thoughts and magic will happen in your life.

What do you learn from Think and Grow Rich ?

Think and Grow Rich is the one of the best self help books written by Napoleon hill . This book contains various life principle. what i have learned from this Book is in order to achieve your goal you must have a Desire , Faith and a power of imagination and visualization .

Why should we read Think and Grow Rich ?

We should read Think and Grow Rich because it contains the life experience of the rich people. You can not meet them personally but you can read their life experiences in this book. Napoleon Hill has done a 25 years of research before writting this book.

What is the main point in Think and Grow Rich ?

Think and grow rich is completely about the psychological power that is hidden inside a human. Napoleon hill tries to bring out the power of the Imagination and visualization. And many successful people have follow this path and have become successful in their life.

Does Think and Grow Rich Really work

Think and Grow rich has helped me alot in my life. And the lifestyles given in this book is really very effective after following the ideology of Napoleon hill I have seen noticable change in my life. So for me it worked and i am sure for you also it will work.

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