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11 Must Read books for Students | Books for students to read - Readoholic


11 Must Read books for Students | Books for students to read

Are you a student? Looking for books to Read then yes you are in the right place because in this article we...

Written by Shivansh srivastava · 8 min read >

Are you a student? Looking for books to Read then yes you are in the right place because in this article we are going to discuss 11 must-read books for students.

Today, I’m going to tell you about 11 must-read books for students that you should read.

Every book is a treasure trove of information that will help us learn something. Reading is not a waste of time.

Reading is the best way to learn. To be able to concentrate and create, it is important to read everything that isn’t related to your professional goals.

If you’re a technical person, you might consider reading autobiographies, fiction books, or spiritual books. This will allow you to see a word you don’t know about in your professional career.

You can read books that are not directly related to your subject matter if you’re a student. You might consider spiritual books or books that can teach you valuable life lessons.

Any opportunity to learn about other fields and subjects is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

1. How to win friends and influence people

Dale Carnegie wrote this book. The principles contained in this book are still relevant, even though it was published in 1936.

Carnegie’s book teaches us how to manage people and win people your way. He also teaches how to be a leader that others want to emulate.

This book is for everyone who struggles with socializing, particularly for those who work in corporates or run a business.

The author begins by giving us 8 rules to get the most out of the book. These rules are highly applicable and can be applied to many non-fiction books.

These are the 8 rules that the author outlined in his books for readers:

1. You have a passion for learning and a desire to apply the principles that drive communication and relationships between people.
2. Before you move on to the next chapter, make sure that you have read each chapter twice.
3. Ask yourself questions about your personal capabilities to apply every principle.
4. Highlight important ideas.
5. Every month, read the book.
6. When you have the chance, practice the principles.
7. Make the book fun by asking your friends to pay a penalty for any time they are able to surprise you with their violations.
8. Each week, track the progress we make. Consider what our mistakes were, how much progress we made, and what lessons we learned.

2. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret for a Long, Happy Life

books for students

Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia wrote this book. Millions of Japanese people have ikigai (pronounced Ick­ee-guy)_– an excuse to get out of bed every morning.

  • The convergence of four primary elements is called ikigai.
  • Your passion (what you love)
  • Your mission: What the world needs
  • What are you good at (your profession)?
  • What you can earn for your profession
  • The author suggested that you find your ikigai through questions such as
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What are my options for getting paid now and in the future?
  • What is the world’s greatest need?

What can you do if you’re a student who is unsure about your future? This book is highly recommended. This book will help you make your final decision.

3. As a Man Thinketh

James Allen wrote this book many years ago. It contains fundamental concepts that help us understand how important our thought life is.

It was only 50 pages. That’s the good thing. This book can be read in between 1 and 2 hours. It is only 50 pages long and conveys the essential keys to happiness. It takes patience and time to develop and maintain habits of the mind that will determine the quality and quantity of our lives.

Particularly when we have been taught to think in certain ways. Although the language of this book is not easy to understand at first, it is clear. You can create your happiness and suffer.

You have the power to make your life better. Take control of your life. This philosophy is a common theme in many books I’ve read. This book clearly conveys the message in a clear manner. Give it a look!

4. The Rudest Book Ever

Shwetabh Gangwar is a popular YouTuber from India who wrote this book. This book is straightforward and direct. It will help you to find your identity amid all the chaos. You will find it entertaining and will allow you to ponder your inner thoughts. I particularly like the section about how to deal with rejection.

Shwetabh states that rejection is usually experienced by 1 in 3 people.
1. They also feel like a loser.
2. They believe I will do well and prove that they are right.
3. Last is about the negative hate message that everyone in the world is evil.

In fact, he goes on to explain how all three reactions can actually be detrimental to us. This book contains a cute and unique reaction that should be rejected.

This book is highly recommended for students in college or school. Shwetabh has more information about the book.

5. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

You may have heard of Robert Kiyosaki’s world-famous book. The Hindi edition also had this book. The author writes about his fathers, one being a wealthy father (his friend’s dad) and one being a poor father (his father).

The one (poor dad), has a lot of diplomas and degrees, while the other (rich dad) is just a high school dropout. The father who is overqualified will be left behind little, with a few unpaid bills. The father who dropped out of school will be one of Hawaii’s richest men and will leave an empire to his son.

The former would often say, “I can’t afford this or that” throughout his life. While the latter would reply: “How can you treat yourself?”

Two small boys learn valuable lessons about money from their father, a wealthy man. It is essential to learn how to use your mind and time to build your wealth through investments and business.

You can get out of the rat race. Learn how to identify opportunities, find solutions, manage your investments, and, most importantly, how to make money work for YOU and not its slaves!

This book is essential if you plan to start a business. It will be a great help in your daily life.

6. Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill wrote this book because he was inspired by over 500 business magnates at the time. This book is my favorite because I found myself in many of its contents during my own quest to find myself and achieve success in my personal life.

This book should be used as a textbook in high schools. No child should be allowed to graduate without understanding its contents and passing an exam.

Ask 10 people what they would like in their lives. There will be many answers, including Security, Financial freedom, and a better job. Although these broad answers won’t have a clear plan for achieving what they want, many people wouldn’t know how. This book will help you if you share the same dream and desire but don’t know what to do.

This book is easy to read and breaks down the philosophy behind self-help and success into 13 simple chapters. Many modern-day Self-Help Gurus and Speakers have used the contents in their own work and earned millions.

If you’re interested in learning more about success and how to accumulate wealth or riches, then look no further. Learn and apply these principles in your daily life.

It’s better to learn from millionaires if you want to become a millionaire. The same principle can be applied to any area of your life. Learn from someone who has already achieved the same success. This will allow you to replicate the success in your own life.

7. See you at the top

This book is ranked seventh on our list of top books for students. Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker, and author, wrote in this book that anyone can become anything they want.

If it is your first year of college. This book could be a great resource. This book is amazing and will help you know what to do with your life.

We should take baby steps, according to the author. Don’t panic. Zig also spoke of the importance of being in close contact with positive people. Zig outlined 6 steps that will lead to happiness and success: Self Image, Relationships With Others, Goals, Attitude, Work, and Desire.

8. Thinking Fast and Slow

This book, written by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, explores the mysteries of unconscious and conscious thinking patterns. Anyone who wants to know how our minds make decisions and sometimes make mistakes should read this book.

The book is a great resource for students of Behavioral Economics. It provides a detailed introduction to all aspects of the subject. This book is also recommended to laypeople, even if you are not a psychologist or an economist.

If the beginning is too technical for you, I encourage you to keep going. You will find the experience at the end to be enriching and rewarding.

This book is one of those rare books that makes me stop and think. Does the idea the author is expressing seem logical? The human mind/mental structure comprises Systems 1 & 2. I knew this by then. 

You can participate in many experiments through the book that will always surprise you. You will also learn about other research done by psychologists. This book is well worth the price.

9. The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author, wrote this book in 1988. The book was originally published in Portuguese. It is a worldwide bestseller that has been translated into over 70 languages. It is only 167 pages. This book is all about discovering one’s purpose or destiny in life.

The Alchemist is an amazing book. It is also very beautiful storytelling. Santiago, a Spanish shepherd boy, is the story’s protagonist. He dreams about the treasures in the Pyramids of Egypt and he keeps dreaming the same dream.

It is full of wisdom and philosophy, and the words are chosen with great care. It was a wonderful read. It is a very charming story that is full of optimism. It is clear that the journey to your destination is just as important as the destination.

10. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

One of the most important books to read is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. In today’s fast-paced world, it is vital that we all understand the current state of life. Many people regret the things they did not do in their lives in the 80s. Why not take a moment to see what life really is.

Robin Sharma’s book is an alarm to everyone who wants to understand life. Robin Sharma introduced the Julian mantle. He spent his entire life making money and then got trapped in the 60s after suffering a severe heart attack.

My side highly recommends this book. It inspires me greatly. These are some of the most fascinating quotes from these books, which made it on our list of must-read books.

Do not live the same life 80 times, and consider it a living. You don’t laugh because you are unhappy, but because you have a good time. Today, we live in an age where life seems so boring.
Being true to yourself is key to success and living your life on your terms. How will you know where you’re going if you don’t know where it is?
It is worth a shot. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

11. The 5 AM Club: Take Control of Your Morning, Elevate Your Lives

It is well-known that A man who gets up early and goes to bed early makes him wealthy, healthy, and wise. But not all people know how to make a morning successful. Robin Sharma’s book, “The 5 AM club”, teaches us how to implement this strategy.

This book provides a practical guideline of the things that can be done by anyone who has the determination and will to help others.

Robin Sharma’s book explains how to get up in the morning. How to get up in the morning and why it is so difficult over the years. They are all easy to implement.

The fictional storyline does make the book difficult to read until the eighth chapter. Personally, I didn’t mind the fictional parts. It was a light reading, I thought because it contained so much heavy content.

People who get up early are often leaders, as you know. You must also get up early if you’re a student. It is not enough to wake up at 5 a.m. This book will give you insight and direction on what to do when you wake up. The book is highly recommended for students.


Ambition, success, dreams, money, luxury, nothing comes easily. Everything has a price that you must pay.

There is no shortcut to success, so don’t waste your time looking for the quickest route.

You will live longer if you don’t get enough sleep.

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