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Most of us wear a mask, a social mask to hide who we really are and what we’re feeling, to protect ourselves,...

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Observe to unmask

Most of us wear a mask, a social mask to hide who we really are and what we’re feeling, to protect ourselves, to avoid conflicts, or to masquerade a personality trait that wouldn’t otherwise be appreciated or accepted. The fear that the world is going to find us out leads us to adorn a mask. This displays us in the best possible light—giving, kind, confident, secure, and humble.

Pushpendra mehta | Observe to unmask

About the Author

Pushpendra Mehta
Pushpendra Mehta

Pushpendra Mehta has many talents and accomplishments. He is a storyteller, marketer, writer, content and communication specialist, as well as a successful online media news entrepreneur. He was born in India and currently lives in the United States. He has authored four books – The Suitable Iheritor, Tomorrow’s Young Achievers and The Game of Life and Relationships and OBSERVE to UNMASK.

Opposites Attract, But Compatibility Preserves

Pushpendra Mehta

What is this Book Consist of

Social masks are used to hide the real person behind them. However, most people have cracks in their social masks, which can be easily seen by careful observation. This book provides 100 small things, 100 small methods, methods or tools that will help you better understand and know people.

Books Analysis

This book has the great advantage of helping you to understand yourself and others. It will make you more aware of your blind spots and weaknesses and help you overcome them.

The book is divided into 15 chapters and covers many topics, including human behavior and emotions, money and advice, growth and gossips, as well as the many characters and spirituality that people play.

Always make it a point of reading the sections immediately before the main content. These can reveal a lot about the author’s writing style and thought process. The short, sweet and very unusual dedication the author wrote to thank God for his gift of writing and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for giving life and form to the unforgettable character of Sherlock Holmes, was simply amazing.

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Each chapter in OBSERVE to UNMASK is intended to give and analyze detailed insights. Every aspect of a person can be used to determine and improve their character. This includes what people talk about, what they read, who they keep close friends with, how they interact in group conversations, how they talk about charitable causes, what they post on social media and who they follow on these networks.

What did I like ?

The author welcomes all kinds of feedback. He encourages readers to openly read the book and invites them to give feedback on any insight they find.

OBSERVE to UNMASK is a great book for anyone looking to improve their interpersonal skills. The book is written in a simple language that makes it easy to understand the motivations, actions, and decisions of others.


It would have been great if there was more to the book than the basics. This book is ideal for beginners, but not for avid or regular readers. This is not a must read book, But if you want to read to better yourself in personal and professional world then you can pick this book otherwise its not necessary.

Read the book If :

  • You are looking to expand your professional and personal spheres.
  • You want to learn some thing new.
  • You love reading self-help books.

Skip the Book If :

  • You do not like self help books
  • You have already a book on this topic

My favourite Quote By Pushpendra Mehta

Pursue your passion, work with your intuition learn as a child and adapt as water.

Pushpendra MEhta | The suitable Inheritor

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