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One Piece(Stylized as)ONE PIECE(is a Japanese word for Manga Series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda It is available at: It was serialized...

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One piece manga Review

One Piece(Stylized as)ONE PIECE(is a Japanese word for Manga Series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda It is available at: It was serialized in Shueisha”s”shonen Manga Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump Since July 1997, each chapter has been compiled into 99 tankobon Volumes as of June 2021. The story is about the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy A boy who gained the properties of rubber from accidentally eating a Devil Fruit. His crew of pirates, called the Straw Hat Pirates Luffy, the next King of Pirates, explores the Grand Line to find the ultimate treasure in the world known as “One Piece”.

This manga was adapted into a Festival Film by Production I.G and an anime series by Toei Animation. They began broadcasting in Japan in 1999. Toei also produced fourteen animated feature films, one OVA, and thirteen television specials. Many companies have created various media and merchandising, including a trading card game as well as many video games. 

Viz Media in North America and the United Kingdom licensed the manga series, while Madman Entertainment in Australia was responsible for English-language release. 4Kids Entertainment licensed the anime series for an English-language release to North America in 2004. The license was later dropped and acquired by Funimation in 2007.

About Author

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Eiichiro Oda, Japanese manga artist, was born January 1, 1975. He is the creator of One Piece (1997 to present). One Piece, which has more than 480,000,000 tankobon copies worldwide, is a manga artist from Japan. Oda was also the creator of One Piece (1997-present).

Background of One Piece

One Piece has been the most popular manga series, with more than 480 million copies available as of February 2021. Volume 67 holds the record for the highest number of manga printed (including books) in Japan. It was published in 2012 with 4.05 million copies. From 2000 to 2002, the series was a finalist in the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. It was awarded the 41st Japan Cartoonists Association Award Grand Prize in 2012 alongside Kimuchi Yokoyama’s Nake.

Since January 2, 2003, One Piece has been published by VIZ Media under the Shonen Jump imprint. It also publishes One Piece 3-in-1 Omnibus editions starting December 1, 2009. VIZ Media produced three boxed sets of the manga. The first included the 23rd volume, while the second contained volumes 24-46. The third set was released on November 5, 2013. The third included volumes 47-70 and was released on October 4, 2016. There have been many languages published of the manga series, including Korean, Malay and Indonesian.

Review of One Piece Manga

 One Piece book cover | manthanhub

A huge crowd gathered to hear the last words of the Pirate King Gold Roger on the day he was executed. His treasure, which he had purged through the whole world, lay somewhere along the “Grand Line”, one of the most dangerous oceans.

This is how One Piece (yes, Dragon Ball) began. It was just as the World Government believed that the pirate threat was dying, when Gold Roger spoke. His words signaled the dawn of a golden age in piracy. More outlaws started to seek Roger’s treasure, the One Piece.

This manga’s cartoonish style and its remarkably typical plot are what first attracts attention to it. Monkey D. Luffy is a young man who longs to be the Pirate King and find the One Piece. He is different from other people because he has eaten one of the rare Devil Fruits.

These fruits give unimaginable powers to the person who eats them, but also take away their ability to swim. This is a huge disadvantage in the One Piece world made entirely of islands. Luffy has consumed the “Gomu–Gomu” fruit. This turns his body into rubber and allows him to use it to launch devastating attacks.

As Luffy searches for a ship with a crew to take him to the Grand Line, this misleading absurdity slowly fades. Although the animation is cartoony-like and there is no shortage of humor, there are some shocking episodes. Their cruelty stands out more because of the contrast with their art style. 

One episode features unscrupulous pirates who pillage and kill entire towns and corrupt World Government officials willing to accept bribes to ignore the slave trade. Although Luffy’s idealistic quest may seem appealing, it is often in conflict with the harsh realities of the real world.

We meet many characters throughout the story, both good and bad. Most of them have dreams and ambitions that explain their actions. They all have reasons for acting the way they do, from Luffy to secondary characters such as Gold Roger. While some reasons may be good and others less so, all are plausible.

The solid character development is deeply tied to a complex world. It has its own legends and traditions, as well as politics and clashes of power. The most important of these is the battle that sees the World Government and the booming pirates fighting each other.

The series has another interesting aspect: the number of characters in each faction is not clear. While the World Order promotes peace and stability, many World Order officers abuse their authority. Sometimes, they even believe that their actions are forgiven because they were acting only for the greater good.

 Our main character, and his crew, are pirates. There are many other good-natured people who only want to live at sea. However, there is no shortage of pirates that plunder towns and kill innocent people wherever their ships take them.

A manga intended for young men with a cartoon style that is so unrealistic is another surprise. It deals with a lot of transcendent issues and goes to great lengths to solve them. The voyage begins with the idea: Luffy, a seventeen-year-old boy, sets out on a journey around the globe in a small boat.

He encounters many different experiences which, whether good or not, help him to grow as a person. He loses sight of his dreams as the manga progresses, but he drifts away from the idealistic young man who started traveling without any knowledge about the world.

Another theme that is consistent throughout the series is friendship and the bonds that unify people, especially between Luffy’s ragtag crew. Even the most powerful captain can’t manage the ship alone. He will not survive without the support of his crew, no matter how bad the weather. Even the best of friendships can have weak points. Crew members often end up fighting among themselves and even abandoning the ship.

We finally get to the subject of prejudices, both racial and social. In the beginning of the manga, we meet Arlong, a fishman and his crew who have enslaved all the people of an island by charging them high taxes and threatening to slaughter them. However, on other islands, the situation is quite different.

The fish men are able to be killed or enslaved with no penalty and have no rights. Luffy’s crew will take a stand in these cases, which usually means that they will cause a lot of property damage or slap the culprit.

One Piece wraps up the story. It began in 1997 and has continued uninterruptedly until today. There are more than 650 episodes of the manga and 500 of the anime. 

This anime takes a unique approach to the traditional themes of the hero’s journey and coming of age. The solid character development and how it depicts the vibrant world they live in are its strengths. Eiichiro Oda is the series’ creator. The series leaves you wanting more.

This is a great manga and adventure book that will appeal to fantasy, manga, and manga fans.

Rating of One Piece Manga

Story :- 9.5/10

Art :- 9/10

Character :- 9/10

Overall :- 9.5/10

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