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The society needs to be ‘fair’, not ‘equal’. Fair and equal are rarely the same! I agree with Bob Dylan, ‘All this...

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un-religious saint

The society needs to be ‘fair’, not ‘equal’. Fair and equal are rarely the same! I agree with Bob Dylan, ‘All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die!

Munazir Hussain | Un-religious Saint

What is this Book Consist of

Expect a book that tells a simple story. Expect a book with many life lessons and practical wisdom. A book that aims to improve the lives of readers is what you can expect. You will find the book easy to read. Expect a book that is nonfictional self-help, but in the form of a story.

While the blurb is interesting and reminiscent of Viktor E Frankl’s classic book, Man’s Search for Meaning_, the cover seems rather boring. The cover is not appealing to the reader and, if I may say so, it’s out of step with current book cover styles and designs. Although the title is intriguing, it makes one think. For me, the story of an unreligious saint was fascinating.

Objective of The Un-Religious Saint

The Un-Religious saint is clear about its goal. It wants to help us realize our hidden dreams. It says that each person has a great hidden desire. It is our divine duty discover and realize this hidden dream. This will be the purpose of our lives, the book explains.

Story Line

Adil, the middle-class son of parents, stumbles upon Naazneen while visiting a Sufi shrine. Adil is instantly infatuated by the beautiful, ethereal beauty. The rest of the journey is filled with endless pursuits and flirtations until Adil finally gives in. Adil’s life is filled with hardships. Each one brings him to the end of his rope. This will teach him valuable lessons that will help him change his outlook on life.

Adil’s life story, The Un-Religious St. is about his journey through life. He is guided and assisted by a mysterious power that seems to have a greater purpose.

Research Done by Munazir Hussain

A chapter into this book and you can see the amount of research that went into it. While trying to educate, the text contains many historical lessons such as (1) the ban on the printing press for two hundred fifty years in Turkey; and (2) the story about Alexander the Great’s famous river crossing.

The book condenses the wisdom of many noble people, which guides the reader along the path to self-reflection.

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The un-religious saint has a good climax, which gives Adil’s story and his search for happiness a fitting end. The pace picks up towards the end and we see the action in the difficult landscape of the Thar desert. It was a wonderful combination of a harsh and mysterious landscape, fear of the unknown and facing your worst fears. It created a feeling that was both invigorating, and enjoyable to read. Kudos for a great job!

Lessons to be Learned

The book contains many valuable lessons. You will find many life lessons and examples. The author shares many great life lessons through a simple storyline that focuses on the character and the situations he finds himself in. These lessons are not only about spiritual pursuits, as the title suggests, but also provide valuable advice on practical aspects of life such as relationships, truth and trust, goals, ambitions, financial wisdom, and so forth.


Although I have come to love the lessons the book has to offer, the storyline is still a disappointment. It is very straight forward with no surprises or twists. It’s also predictable and a bit cliche. The essence of the book is not compromised, but there are many areas that could be improved and entertained.

The Un-Religious saint tells the story of a simple transformation and self-discovery. The book’s dull cover should not be misunderstood. It contains many life lessons that anyone can benefit from. It was a pleasure to read and learn from it.

Read the Book If :

  • If you are looking for self-help books in Story Form
  • If you like reading Story books which will teach you some lesson
  • You love reading inspirational story

Skip the Book if :

  • If you do not Like Story books
  • If you have read similar books in this topic

Rating of Un-religious Saint

Story :- 3/5

Character :- 3/5

Concept :- 4/5

Overall :- 3/5

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