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Think like a Monk by Jay Shetty | Readoholic

If you don’t break your ego, life will break it for you. Jay shetty | Think like a monk Think Like a...

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Think like a monk | Jay shetty
Think like a monk | Jay shetty

If you don’t break your ego, life will break it for you.

Jay shetty | Think like a monk

Think Like a Monk is the bestseller and most of the Readers and influencers have already written or made a video about. Then I decided to read this book all by myself and write a complete and unbiased review of this book.

About the Author

Jay Shetty - Readoholic

Jay Shetty is a British vlogger, author, and motivational speaker that appreciates a gigantic social media after, with lots of viral movies about both Facebook and YouTube. His movies have gained a total of 7 billion viewpoints on YouTube, also he’s 26 million followers around Facebook and 6 million around Instagram. He’s also been featured on the ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ list.

Jay discusses life purpose, psychological health, customs, health, and has appeared on several famous shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and a bit drunk with Lilly Singh. He’s also a podcast bunch, former monk, and goal trainer.

Never blame anyone if you got hurt by them because it was not their fault it was you who gave them the right to tear you apart.


What is this Book Consist of

“Think Like a Monk” is a publication that helps us live a more calm and meaningful lifestyle; one that’s filled with love and brimming with joy. No, the book does not guarantee us immediately miracles, however what it will guarantee is a feeling of calmness, and a reversal of mindset, more love, more tranquility, and greater comprehension of that we are.

Broadly divided into three segments — Permit Move (Identity, Negativity, Stress, and Intention), Grow (Goal, Regular, The Mind, and Ego) and Give (Gratitude, Relationships, and Service), the publication efficiently charts a path for living a peaceful and happy life.

Learnings from Think like a Monk

There are lots of intriguing and novel concepts I learned through this publication. By way of instance, in Jay’s words “Mudita is the principle of shooting sympathies or unselfish pleasure from the fantastic fortune of others”

Jay also brings out the stark contrast between the monk head along with the fighter head . A fighter head is just one which overthinks and procrastinates, is diverted by little matters, seeks short term gratifications, is rough and feels greedy, is egotistical and obsessed with multi-tasking, and is commanded by anger, stress and anxiety.

Though the monk thoughts is single-task concentrated, looks for significance and real options, controls and participates energy sensibly, is enthusiastic, determined, and individual, seeks long term benefits, and so is compassionate, caring, and collaborative.

In the same way, Jay also discusses several novel theories like the cancers of the brain , that the quadrants of possible, the group of love, double-edged self love, chariot of their brain , etc..

Writting Style

The book reads like a conversation, and there’s an instantaneous connection the reader feels together with the writer. Given the topic, the book does not feel preachy in any way. A generous variety of illustrations, personal anecdotes, a few examples and diagrams, practical hints, and implementable instruments and methods, make the book a fascinating and profoundly engaging read.

Research done by Jay Shetty

The simple fact that eighteen full page pages at the conclusion of the novel are devoted to references and notes — goes a long way in educating us about the study which has gone into the making of the publication. The writer includes concepts from early Hindu and Buddhist wisdom, Christian and Islamic ideas, and several other native religions, and attracts to us the finest of the entire world.

What did I like ?

There are a whole lot of novel theories the readers remove your publication. The classes are practical and implementable, though some techniques and tools make it effortless for a reader to follow on the learnings.

The Vedic Personality contained in the end of the publication is an unanticipated bonus. Further, the majority of the topics are extremely relevant to a contemporary person.

Matters like stress, anxiety, depression, disappointment, anxiety, deteriorating quality of connections, media jumble, apparatus overdose, and insufficient sleep are disorders that bother many people. In that sense,‘Think Like a Monk‘ is especially written to cater to the demands of their twenty-first-century individual.

All the chapters in this book has their own importance but below are some of my favourite chapter which helped me alot to think in my life.

  1. let go
  2. I am what i think i am
  3. meditation : breathe
  4. Part two : Grow
  5. Meditation : Visualize
  6. Meditation : Chant


Right from the stage where Jay Shetty is eighteen, listening to some monk talk and falling in love with his voice, to the stage when Jay catches his very first occupation and is a part of a office marathon session criticizing his or her colleague.

From his days at the ashram, attempting to outdo others from meditating to get longer hours, to his interview his own future-wife Radhi — it’s these episodes and illustrations, and their significance to this subject being discussed, which makes the book a more interesting and interactive read.

Along with this, he also provides examples of several other people from whom we could learn. By way of instance, while speaking about Dharma, he talks about a British ex-pat who’d proficiency in finance, and that chose to be a nun after moving through a dreadful event in Jakarta, Indonesia.

However, as she discovered, sitting at a cave and meditating wasn’t her true calling or Dharma. She later discovered her experience, enthusiasm, ability, compassion, ability, and support overlapping in support, and she set her financial acumen to construct a UK-based charity which helps individuals living in the rural regions of East Bhutan.

In the long run, “Think Like a Monk” is a publication that delivers both conventional in addition to unconventional wisdom in an effort to make our lives simpler, happier, more serene, and meaningful. It’s a book I would recommend for readers, and more significantly to non-readers due to its significance in the recent times.

Read the book If :

  • You love reading self-help
  • You want to think differently about life
  • You want to change the vision of your life
  • If you want to achieve some thing in life and want to clear you goal

Skip the book if :

  • You want a short read
  • You do not like self help.

My favourite Quote From Think like a Monk

When we accept the temporary nature of everything in our lives, we can feel gratitude for the good fortune of getting to borrow them for a time

Jay shetty | think like a monk

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