5 Books that every College student must Read

Atomic Habits Atomic Habits is the ultimate source for breaking the bad habits and embracing positive ones in just four steps that show how even little, daily routines transform into massive, positive change over time.

How to Win Friends and Influence People can teach you numerous ways to be a more likable person. You must manage your relationships with ease, gain the trust of others and assist people change their behavior without becoming disruptive.

Determine your goals and record them. Break those goals into tasks. Divide those tasks into sub-tasks that are the smallest you can possibly do. Prioritize your tasks and remove or delegate tasks you don't have to perform.

Do Epic Shit is a book written by Ankur Warikoo in which Ankur Warikoo writes about the successes and failures the author has had in his own life. He also reviews the lessons he discovered the hard method to make us aware of the circumstances. You'll find important lessons from this book that can be applied to your own life.

The habit stacking technique is an effective personal strategy for productivity that allows you to group the small steps or routines (which require 5 minutes or less) into a daily routine that you adhere to every day. Then, you choose a trigger to remind you to complete your stack of habits at the correct time.

Read books to have a clear vision in your life.

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