Why are books better than movies

Majority people of today’s generation are going for watching a movie rather than to read a book. But have you every done...

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Why are books better than movies?

Majority people of today’s generation are going for watching a movie rather than to read a book. But have you every done brainstorming that why are books better than movies? Lots of people of are nowdays totally left reading of books and thatswhy people are missing lots of things.

In this blog we will explain each and everything in context to reading books and watching movies. We will also talk in aspect of everything related to our real life.  So lets us directly jump on the main points.

how movies are better than books

Let us decide why are books better than movies through these basic points:-


1. Focus

why books are better than movies

We can get to watch this very naturally that our the attention span of the peoples are decreasing so rapidly. If we look at the peoples of our grandfather’s age then we can easily get to see that they have very good focus or attention span. Now I am damn sure that you people might getting the point that I want to deliver. This is just because they read more and more and they watch very minimum movie.

Peoples are degrading their attention span by watching the movies. So, through these points we can clearly say that how books are better than movies.


2. Get more than expectation

books or movies?

We read books or watch movie either for knowledge or for entertainment. A movie is basically of 1 to 3 hours generally, and we cultivate some knowledge from there. You can say that movies are limited. But when you will take a book and start reading that, then you will get to see that at the end you will learn a lot lot more than your expectation. This is the power of book that you can accumulate lots of things from the books. 

Reading is not only limited to single source of knowledge. When you will read it then then you will get lots of practical and high quality knowledge. 

So, it makes the comparison very clear that books are better than movies.


3. Become Creative

become creative

Movies are always like ready-made thing, but books are not like that. Yes, there must be any suspense type of things in movies too, but it is of very less duration. While when we read books our mind get forced for thinking more and more. We have to imagine for a longer time while reading book, so it increases our makes your mind creative.

This thing also shows that how reading books are better than watching movies.


4. Movies overdose everything

Sometimes movies intensify the things a lot. They romanticize lots of parts which is not required. The aim of movie is to basically stuck the peoples while watching. Most of the movies will not provide you any type of knowledge. They just made those things will sell. On the other hand, books are always point to point. Books will never let you roam here and there, they are always concentrated to their main storyline. You can say that simple is better. Thatswhy books are better than movies.


At the end, the conclusion is very simple that books are better than movies. The reader who is reading books will come out always with some more out of it. You will have a very good imagination level and you will always find yourself amongst the society. You will always have content in your mind to explain anything to anyone. Therefore, get yourself always ready and read books as much as possible. There are many more benefits of reading books by which you can make your life more beautiful, so don’t waste your time in unwanted things.


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