You will get shocked to know which book took the longest to write

Most oftenly we look that which book is written in the shortest time but this time we will look which book took...

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Which book took longest to write

Most oftenly we look that which book is written in the shortest time but this time we will look which book took the longest to write.

Most of the authors are like that when they start writing they stop after finishing it. There are some writers who are writing on novel any heavy story then we oftenly see that they put all their focus in writing those novels or stories for some month or for some time.On the other hand there are some writers who are so lazy in writing. They have passion to write something but they take too much time in writing those things. So, in this blog we will talk about those writers and their writings which take a huge amount of time.

1. Sphere by Michael Crinchton

It took 20 years by the writer Michael Crinchton to complete the novel Sphere. In a public statement, he stated that he also counts the the preparation part as the part of writing process. He further told that he spend a lot of time in researching about his book, so that he can make the writing more effective. According to him, he takes approximately 5 year to write only his disclosure and other eight years just to finish Jurassic Park. So in this way, this book took the longest to write. A very interesting thing happens with the writer after writing the whole book is that he could not come up with the the the satisfying ending. So, he decided to stop the writing. And again he started after 20 year and then resumed his writing and at that time he completed that in only 2 months.

So this is the whole story that how the writer Michael Crinchton take so much long time in just writing a book.

2. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

This is one of the best selling novels of all time written by J.R.R Tolkien. He first written a book that is “The Hobbit” and after that he started writing its sequel and than he took 12 years to complete its sequel that is is named as “Lords of the Ring”.

This novel is highly praised by the audience and later on it becomes an award winning fantasy film series. At the end, no matter how much long it took to write that novel but it ends with satisfying the audience.

3. No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod

which book took longest to write

It took 13 years to complete the book “No great mischief” by the author Alistair Macleod. But again this novel make a boom after the publication. This novel has received numerous amount of awards and award nominations after the publication. The author Alistair MacLeod shows his great skill and grace through this novel.

4. Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

The author Margaret Mitchell took approx 10 year to write and publish the staggering civil war-era tome “Gone with the Wind”. This novel is a story of one privileged southern Belle, who lost everything after General Sherman burnt his way through Georgia. This novel later on won the title of Pulitzer prize for fiction in 1937 and it also becomes an academy award winning film in 1940. The author Margaret Mitchell wrote only one novel in her lifetime but it was never forgettable.

5. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

fact about jurrasic park

Michael Kristen is known for his slow writing he spent approx 8 years in researching and writing the novel Jurassic Park. The Jurassic Park is a science fiction of amusement park where biologically manufactured Dinosaur accidentally get Loose and create general chaos and Mayhem. This book later on become best selling title for the science fiction series of both books and the films. Later on it proved that the author have spend the time is worth it.

There are lot more authors and their books which took a very long time in completing and publishing. But in this blog we have covered those five novels which are very popular and attention grabbing and are relatable for us.

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